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Born on Long Island, New York, and currently residing in Boston, MA, Singer-Songwriter Alan Scardapane is forever pursuing the idea of "home." The 26 year old's lyrically driven songs grapple with identity and introspection, often times in an attempt to breathe life into their honest vulnerability. Influenced by the likes of Nick Drake, Gregory Alan Isakov, Neil Young, Noah Gundersen and many more, Scardapane's music weaves a unique web of imagery, imagination, poetry and observation. His EP, "deep in dust", was released April 13, 2018, and his debut Full Length album, "Out at Sea", hit the shelves on August 10th.

Growing up in the towns of Babylon and Huntington, Scardapane’s musical ear was evident from a very early age. His parents had an old piano in the home, and Alan would sit down and play his favorite tunes by ear. Also driving his passion for sound was his uncle Ed, who himself was a songwriter, and would create cassette recordings for Alan and his cousins. Though his parents put guitars in his lap often during his childhood, the instrument never stuck until a much later age. From early grade school through mid-high school, Alan played first the clarinet, and then the alto saxophone in band. His parents also indulged him in piano lessons. None of these worked out on account of the fact that he did not want to read sheet music. Upon leaving for college at the University of Massachusetts, his mother bought him a keyboard. There he played every now and then, mostly jokingly with friends in the dorms. By his junior year, he and his close friends moved off campus, to a house on Summer Street, where his life would take a complete turn.

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Many of Alan’s roommates and neighbors in his last two years of college were musicians and would frequently collaborate in the house. Seeing an opportunity to squash his boredom, he would join in on his keyboard and play along by ear. Unfortunately, the others were guitar and bass players, and the 21-year-old English major couldn’t even hear himself playing along. It was then that his close friend and neighbor, Corey Beauregard of the Stupid Robots suggested that Alan pick up a guitar himself. If he could play the piano by ear, why not the guitar? He agreed.

It was winter break of his Senior year, and Alan was heading home for the month of December. There he found an old guitar that had been given to him in high school, and collected dust ever since. He bought new strings, watched a video on how to string a guitar and got to work. That month he wrote his first songs, and performed in front of other human beings for the first time, at a family Christmas party, with his Uncle Ed in attendance. Upon returning to school, Alan spent every waking free moment teaching himself guitar on Neil Young and Bob Dylan tunes, while writing many of his own. Left very confused by his newfound passion, he graduated with no job lined up and moved back home to Long Island.

After working odd jobs here and there, Alan took a position in Manhattan in the Insurance Industry in late 2014. He spent 9 months at the corporation, living in the city for two of them, but felt Boston and the friends who had engaged and encouraged his artistic side calling. Accepting a second job in the Insurance Industry, he moved there in September of 2015.

By the time he had moved up to Boston, Alan was in the midst of a furious songwriting spell. He decided to record an EP in his bedroom. Titled “Castle”, the poorly recorded attempt at breathing life into his honest songs can still be found on Soundcloud. It was his first true attempt at putting his work out into the world, and though it received positive feedback from friends and family, the young, frustrated artist still felt boxed in.

It was in October of 2016 that Alan walked into the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge in Cambridge, with the very last slot at 12:00AM. There, he played two songs from the EP and made it to the final six artists. From there, he lost on a coin flip, but won when the contest's host extended an invitation to play a December show at The Burren, a local hotbed for up and coming talent. From there he was booked again at The Burren, this time co-billing with prolific Americana act, Wild Ponies, in February 2017. After this show, Alan was at a loss of where to take his music next. He had nothing to his name but a poorly recorded bedroom EP, and felt an overwhelming disappointment in not being able to provide concertgoers and listeners with more content. Thus, he decided to take a hiatus, telling himself that he would not perform again until he had a true product to share.

November of 2017 saw things begin to take shape after his old friend, Corey Beauregard, reached out. He and another band member had just built a studio and started a record label, and they wanted Alan to record with them. Inspired, he jumped at the opportunity, and production began at Robot Records in North Attleboro, MA that month.

By February 2018, roughly a year after his show with Wild Ponies, Alan felt that his preoccupation with getting the record done was getting in the way of his writing. He challenged himself to write and record a song every day after work. The result was his EP “deep in dust,” recorded and produced by the artist himself over the course of two weeks, released in March 2018.

In May 2018, he proposed to the love of his life, Jacqueline Cote. At that point, Alan left his job in Insurance and the two moved out to Western Massachusetts. He then hit the road for his first major US tour in July. And by August 2018, production of “Out at Sea”, his debut full-length record, was finished. The album was released on August 10th to critical acclaim.

Alan now resides in Boston, Massachusetts with his fiancée, Jacqueline, and their two cats, Hemingway and Townes.

Photo by Charisse DelVecchio

Photo by Charisse DelVecchio