Out at Sea - LP

Artwork by Riley Wynn

Artwork by Riley Wynn


Wishing sideways you were born

But you’re right side up

And man, that’s tough

When you’ve spent every penny wishing

That there’d be nothing left but living to do


Watching freight cars in the haze

Cause you can’t go home

Left town long ago

And now you live up by the city

Man, it must be a pity to be you


Smoking Camels in the cold

Itching for a Marlboro

And maybe you’ll be fine, you know?

But it’s no wonder she was taken

Don’t be mistaken, you had waited too long


To tell her why she should stay

And fix the live you’d made

Yeah, fix the life she gave

To you


Punching windows ‘til you bleed

And they don’t talk back

Yeah, they just spit out facts

About Chevy Monte Carlos

And where the sunken river still flows


Reading books from right to left

Dylan Thomas is dead

And yet it still makes sense

That every time you turn a page

That rage you feel inside you is engaged


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Why can’t I have it all

Why must I be so small

When every single lucid vision I have

Just turns into another reason to call



Yesterday, I was blind in a hole

Yesterday, I was shining in gold

Then the wind blew, I was drunk and on my own

In the rearview, was the writing on my tomb


Four more steps, ‘til I fall off the ledge

One more debt, ‘til I kiss my brother dead

Free falling, on a ship without a name

I’ve been drinking, but in the end its all the same


Feed me, with the temper of your breath

Need me, let my body be your vest

Feel the rhythm, of my whispers in your bones

Lord have mercy, who needs god when I’ve got you doll


This is my story, and it’s something I can’t trace

And though I’m lonely, what keeps me going is your face

I’m ashamed love, of the shit I put you through

But I’m here to promise, in time I’ll make it up to you


Out at Sea

I once dreamt that I lived out at sea

Watching waves crash on rocks

Filled my belly with seaweed

Counted stars from the docks


The blue water, she rippled

So effortless, so sweet

The abyss was my kingdom

Never looked down at my feed


I once dreamt I had taken a lover

She was bursting with sin

She challenged my wisdom

She could curse with a grin


I was teeming with envy

Yet I never saw her face

When she handed me whiskey

I had lost all my taste


I now dream that I live in a memory

Shaping clay with my elbows, not hands

And I can be happy

With just a bucket of sand


In the heat of the dead of the winter,

In the shoes of a ghost in a cloak

I gave speeches to men in tall buildings

Then I realized, I never spoke


Just Cause We Dream

Just cause we dream when we’re asleep

Doesn’t mean we’re not aware

Just cause a soldier holds a gum,

Doesn’t mean he isn’t scared


Fuel is fire without the flame

Yet somehow still it finds a home

And as the jester starts his dance

The king still finds himself alone


My condolences to death

Our aspirations ran aground

Thought you were free when you were lost

Now face the horror once you’re found


Long, Lonesome Road

I’ve been walking down that long, lonesome road

I’ve been walking down that long, lonesome road

It’s the very same one from that sixties Dylan song

I’ve been walking down that long, lonesome road


I’ve been kicking up the gravel with my boots

The moon she’s shining bright, keeping the truth

That our days are dead and gone, somehow our bodies linger on

I’ve been kicking up the gravel with my boots


My momma says that good things come to those who wait

But I’d rather drink a pint and tempt my fate

See, I was born a dead man’s son, lord knows I like to have my fun

Momma says that good things come to those who wait


Now the Devil’s got a noose around my neck

And he’s trying awfully hard to do his best

But he’s screaming at his son, who took the safety off the gun

The Devil’s got a noose around my neck


So I whispered in his ear, “boy, let me free”

He said, “son, you know that choice ain’t up to me”

“Shoulda fixed your momma’s car, but you were sitting at the bar”

I whispered in his ear “boy, let me free”


I’ve been walking down that long, lonesome road

And this guitar, she just keeps cracking in the cold

So if that means that I can’t play, you’ll have to bury me today

I’ve been walking down that long, lonesome road



Meaghan, running down the pavement

Feeding birds in cages, in the third grade


But now I haven’t, heard your name in ages

Been through so many stages, of health and misery


Meaghan, thought you’d be courageous

But now you’re in the back pages with the OB’s


So why’d you choose, the hole and bruise

Over a breath, that was your


Blaming, cursing the heavens for their taking

Of sons and daughters, now they’re breaking, choosing a casket and a grave


Mother and father, should they really even bother

Making amends with one another, if their child can’t be saved


Meaghan, where was your head, what we’re you thinking

When you were sinking, towards the bats and the bees


Now your brother, has no guardian to cover

He and his cursed lover, but you’ll be waiting at the gates



I miss you, and I wish you were here

I spend my days now, pretending I’m not scared

But the truth is, every second that goes by

Without hearing your voice, is like a dagger in my side


And that’s how I know, that this is worth the wait

Cause this love that I feel, there’s no movie they can make

Jacki my baby, you’re the one


I sit at a desk for most of my day

Moving other peoples’ money to make sure I get paid

And I hate every day that I sold my soul

But I don’t give a damn, knowing one day you’ll be there when I come home


You are the only thing that matters

You are the only thing that breathes

Just one look in your eyes and I’m shattered

Lay my head on your chest and I can fall asleep



Watching our days pass us by

Tripping on cloud fields, swimming in the sky

What’ll it take until we wonder why

The ground below is burning, our children left to die


The land of the free, but nowhere’s safe

The black man and his family spend every minute chased

By his neighbors who claim that they don’t see race

Policeman gets a call and puts a bullet in his face


Here’s to our brothers practicing Islam

And the courage you show every day by just keeping on

If it becomes illegal we’ll say FUCK the law

The Christians are the ones who killed for far too long


Our children go to war and they don’t come back

And even if they do, we seem to leave them in the past

Let’s not forget our president, who dodged the draft

He was too busy with his daddy breaking black folks’ backs


Why do god fearing white men have so much to say

Mike Pence wants to hang you if you’re not straight

And to make sure women can’t control their own bodies

Welcome to 1955, god bless the USA


All the good little children, pledge allegiance to the flag

Women can’t get through the day without being attacked

And told that it happened because of the way they act

And if they don’t keep silent, they’re a liar and a tramp


Amendment two is sacred, so we must obey

Who needs mental healthcare when you can just play

With all the guns you want, and at the end of the day

They’ll say you shot the kids because you were crazy


Furious and Stoned

My, my, where’d you go

Off to a place that I don’t know

Out in the garden, they’re trading blows

A piece of us was buried beneath your mother’s bones


Bloody Mary, you’re much too late

The weeping willow by our front door has sealed its fate

I’ll pretend that I’m doing great

A beggar’s words, as good as gold, for what’s at stake


I’ve been trying to stay awake

Ripping and roaring, we’ll never be the same

I’ve been trying to come back home

I want to come home

I want to come home


Trading lies was a mistake

Foolish figures surround us now, there’s no mistake

I have done what I can to break

The mold that makes us realize our sheepish ways


I’ve been dying, furious and stoned

Creeping and crawling, on a murderer’s row

I’ve been dying to come back home

I want to come home

I want to come home


This is not our front door


Like Waves

Look up my love

Be mindful, of what you touch

This night is on the run

And I’m not sure what’s begun


But you’re so damn beautiful


I’m all eyes and ears

Set aside your deepest, darkest fears

Forget about your mother’s tears

In a moment, we’ll disappear


And you’re so damn beautiful


I just can’t wait

Yet your echoes are growing faint

Take a deep breath, and feel the weight

As our bodies crash down like waves


You’re so damn beautiful

deep in dust - EP

Artwork by Edmund Dondero

Artwork by Edmund Dondero

take it with you

And it was endless

In the yard there were birds

And the columns and corners

of our house fell free


Books became worms

in the ground

And Jupiter danced around

the whirling sea


Two times she said to me

"be gone and take it with you"

But my boots remain roots

cemented to...



deep in dust

Sweet jet planes

flying over crows

leaving us exposed

to winter


Blue curtains

hang above our door

shamelessly ignored

and dead


My child

is a silver spoon

stuck inside a womb




whisper in my ear

have another beer

and delay


Old photos

buried deep in dust

oh who can we trust

without asking



jackie wilson's dead

Snapper fishing on that old lagoon

Maybe play a little Van Morrison tune


I've been free for three long years

But these stories never dissappear


I played baseball until it was dusk

My wife and children always seem to make a fuss


And the end of Autumn brings us closer to

Our quaking bodies fierce in the light of the moon


So why don't we flow into the mystic with a back-river song?

Even our homeland can't seem to make sense of what here's gone wrong.

Maybe Jackie Wilson is hiding an answer she's unwilling to share.

I'd let it stone me straight to my soul if it meant we'd be spared.

Let that moondance fill the air.


Hooks and bobbers haze my line of sight

And this fucking headache feels like a damn dogfight.



Wine High

I drink wine to get high

I drink wine to get high

I drink wine, when I feel its time

To get high


There's a well beneath my feet

And it fills when I'm hungry

My purple veins like capillaries

I drink wine to get high


Fill me up, put me down

Watch our money slip away

And sure, we may be just a casualty

But I drink wine to get high